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Day: October 7, 2018

Everything you wanted to know

Everything you wanted to know

October 7, 2018

This message will tell you everything you wanted to know so that you might live the life of your dreams. You and others attempt to accept the concept that you create your own reality through your thoughts, but then you immediately begin to doubt that, so you never experience the physical manifestations of holding that belief.

Because you live in a world that operates on physical proof of the existence of anything before you will believe it is real, you begin to require that proof of the reality you want to create before it is manifest.

You recently lived a reality based on a perception you accepted, but it was not based on anything that existed, but only on what you believed. Since you believed it, you lived it, and it was real to you.

Now here is the only thing you need to know and everything you wanted to know. You create your reality by the perceptions you choose to accept and then believe, so choose the ones you want.


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