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Day: March 8, 2018

Accumulated beliefs

Accumulated beliefs

March 8, 2018

Stay with this message as it will offer good news at the end. You and all others operate from what could be called your accumulated beliefs. You create your life and project that life forward through those beliefs. Beliefs left alone grow in their intensity, and often become so attached or a part of you, that you do not recognize they are controlling your life.

Then, as it happened to you today, you have a memory of a belief that you felt you did not create but was implanted within you by others. The exact details are never as important as the feeling. The feeling the memory revealed to you was a belief in shame.

Now the good news is because this memory was emotionally painful and uncomfortable for you, you hid it. Now that you are willing to see it, means that you are also ready to become all of you!


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