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Day: March 2, 2018

Nurture this belief away

Nurture this belief away

March 2, 2018

Nurture this belief away. While that sentence may not make sense at first, it will. You and others are born into a world where you begin to learn all manner of limiting beliefs. Then because you are young when this occurs, they unknowingly become a part of your fabric, as it were.

A prominent belief for you, which was continually hammered into your head was that anything worthwhile had to include hard work. Then as you mature and become aware of who are, it becomes difficult for you to reconcile the idea of doing what you love, and it doesn’t feel to you like hard work, then you think you must be doing something wrong.

The reason you are told to nurture this belief away is because if you attempt to pretend it isn’t there, it will continue to interfere with your expansion. Decide now to thank this belief for existing for it has taught you much, love it away, and change your belief.


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