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Day: June 9, 2017

Many accomplishments in one day

Many accomplishments in one day

June 9, 2017

You had many accomplishments in one day, which is what typically occurs, but because you allow yourself to remain occupied or busy, you do not notice them.

First, you had a disruption in a plan you had made. You allowed yourself to experience the disorder and then your upsetting reaction to that, and then you noticed what you were doing. Then you decided you could change your mind and therefore your emotional experience. You held the thought that whatever might occur now will be for your highest good.

You then had a knowing that something would occur, and decided to own that so you might experience your power of manifestation. Then that took place as well.

When you take the time to notice all those small accomplishments, they will turn into big achievements for you and your life. Congratulate yourself.


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