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Day: June 2, 2017

Trusting the integrity of your experience

Trusting the integrity of your experience

June 2, 2017

There is a subject you have not visited in a while and now would be a good time to do so. That idea is, trusting the integrity of your experience. While that might be another manner of saying go with the flow, this will provide you with greater understanding and an explanation of why this is important.

The word experience, as it is being used here, means your entire life. Integrity means that every aspect of that, including everything about you, and all the events and circumstances that occur. All of that holds meaning and purpose designed to cause you to evolve or expand.

There are alerts of sorts, that appear which will alert you to the fact of if you are doing this or not. Some are quite obvious, and others are subtle. Fear is palpable, but rushing or hurrying around, and overreacting to events are ones that might escape your awareness.

An interesting and informative element of this for you to notice is that you do this the most when you think things are going well. Now you understand why going with the flow is an admirable goal.


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